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Desperately Dating will be KC Shomler’s second book.

KC’s first book is Falling Out Of Love With My Career

You can go from #DesperatelyDating to having a #SoulSatisfyingRelationship

Desperately Dating is also a resource created by KC Shomler for those who are ready to move beyond Desperately Dating to a Soul Satisfying Relationship.

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KC Shomler

KC Shomler

KC Shomler is a Writer and the Author of both Falling Out Of Love With My Career and Desperately Dating.

KC graduated from UC Berkeley with a philosophy degree and plans for law school that morphed into healthcare. Another bachelor’s degree in nursing from Seattle University and a master’s from the University of Washington prepared her for a career as a nurse practitioner. Much of her focus was on care of people at the end of life via hospice and palliative care. She lives in southwestern Washington state with her cute family and a little dog with an outsized ego who runs the house.

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Falling Out Of Love With My Career

Falling Out Of Love With My Career

Falling Out Of Love With My Career is KC Shomler’s first book and it  chronicles the journey leaving a once loved profession for a better life.

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Falling Out Of Love With My Career Book Description

You’re not broken for falling out of love with your career. In fact, falling out of love with your career might be the most honest and self-affirming thing you ever do for yourself.

KC takes you along for her roller coaster ride leaving a 25-year career in healthcare. With a believable emphasis on self-compassion, she lays bare her own story in a uniquely thought-provoking way.

Her unflinching self-analysis leads us to ask ourselves: what stories we have created about our own happiness and fulfillment in life? How can we make big changes without giving in to our fears and ruminations?

What noble excuses hold us back from evolving in our lives? What are our darker feelings trying to tell us? How can our uncomfortable feelings help us to grow?

This book is part memoir, part mindfulness guide, all laced with comedy, drama and insightful bits of wisdom that are hard to forget or ignore. Falling Out of Love with My Career provides commiseration and inspiration for anyone going through or considering any variety of major life change.

From The Foreword by Sherellen B Gerhart MD:

“KC’s real-time, candid, messy and vulnerable expressions of her journey through change accompanied by real and confusing emotional angst help us know we are not alone, and everyone has to face transition. Life truly is unpredictable, and it hurts to make choices that involve others.

Being a hopeful person by nature as well as a “fixer of problems”, I found her words to provide solace for my self-judgment and seeming internalized failures. The book is raw, honest, and timely.”

Collected Words From Fans:

“With true grit, KC shares with us three decades of her journey not only in the business of healthcare but personal relationships, loves, losses, and truths. Her main life principles are profound, relatable and have personally touched this reader. The best review I can give is I am relishing my second read!’ – Darlene

“Falling Out of Love with My Career inspires and encourages me to take a deeper look into myself. The author made me realize that our minds are one of our biggest hurdles in personal growth and positive change. She gives great advice on how to change your relationship with uncomfortable emotions/feelings and how to use them in a constructive more positive way. One clear message I received from the book is that in order to experience (and/or feel) the good in life you must also experience (and/or feel) the bad. The author convincingly tells me to not be scared of my true self, but to embrace it and live it! The author resonated with me as she explained that the measurement of our success is not how much we can buy or what we can buy but by the amount of freedom and time we have. These are the most precious resources we have as humans.” – Paul

“It might seem that the book is intended specifically for healthcare workers—which I am not, but I got soooo much out of this book! I’m also not out of love with my career, but I did reach a rough spot. So reading your book was the perfect timing for me to reconnect with what I love about my career—and since I’m a business owner, I can shape my business and my work however I’d like.” – JC


Recipes are Merely a Suggestion A Liberating Way to Both Cook and Lead Your Life by Karyn Shomler

Recipes are Merely a Suggestion

Recipes are Merely a Suggestion A Liberating Way to Both Cook and Lead Your Life by KC Shomler


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Portland Dive Bars

Portland Dive Bars

Portland Dive BarsWords by KC Shomler, Photos by Steven Shomler



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