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Married With A Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I just celebrated our 48th anniversary.

But KC, aren’t you married? And, aren’t you “only” 50, you ask?

Yes and yes! Allow me to elaborate: Early on my husband and I realized we had something very special together and we both wanted to nurture and protect it. Part of the way we do that is by celebrating the monthly anniversary of our first date. Yep, every month we take time to do something special, sometimes little sometimes big, to recognize our love and commitment to each other. We could celebrate our wedding anniversary, and we do that too, can you tell we are big believers in celebrating?? But we choose to focus more and certainly more frequently, on the event that led to us becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. That is an important part of our relationship that we want to feed and keep alive.

Some people fall into the trap of thinking that marriage is all work, a drag, the old ball and chain. Their messed up story is that once you are married, it’s just a grind. You behave like married people –  sex drops off, date nights become fewer and farther between, you fight over money or child rearing or who cleans the toilet, no more random looks of love. But boyfriends/girlfriends are fun, exciting, thrilling because love is fresh and new and special. While dating, we are still wooing and being wooed. There is effort going on and interest in each other and fucking romance. So my husband and I decided to never stop being boyfriend and girlfriend to each other. Our family thinks we are sappy and the teenagers roll their eyes a lot, but he still brings me flowers and we leave love notes for each other around the house and buy anniversary cards every month. It doesn’t require a huge amount of effort, but it keeps it fun. It’s a conscious decision to never stop seeing each other in that light, the light of early love. Ok, even I am cringing now at how cheesy this sounds, but it is totally true! Keep making that effort dammit! It is important to continue to make each other feel special. And do our part to support the greeting card industry.