Desperately Dating Articles Beware “Good Potential”

Beware “Good Potential”

Good potential is not enough. Date who they are at this point in time, not who they could be in the future. Assume that if they aren’t already whatever it is you desire and think you need right now, they won’t magically become that later either.

People do change, can change, but don’t always do so.

Go ahead and find someone who you like just as they are, no improvements necessary (not perfect, none of us are, but hits all of your non-negotiable requirements). And by the way, you deserve that too! To be loved for who you are right now, just as you are and that is enough. With the right fit, you will be secure in your strong foundation of mutual like even if neither one of you ever changes one bit.  If you suspect you aren’t “enough” for them, run!

You can both still grow and change with time and should! Growth is healthy. But do it because you want to, not because your partner is demanding or expecting that.  And your partner should be your cheerleader or coach on any self-improvement endeavors, not the boss or enforcer. Growth happens through nurture, not by withholding love and approval.